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Best presentations and discussions of CEE-SECR 2012

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The best of sections and discussions

  1. Measuring usability of software products
    Moderator: Yaroslav Tabakov, Orange Page
  2. Technological startups: success stories
    Moderator: Nikolay Puntikov, First Line Software
  3. Russian software companies and the global IT market trends
    Moderator: Valentin Makarov, RUSSOFT


The best of invited speakers

  1. Common startup mistakes
    Serguei Beloussov, Runa Capital
  2. Learning to code in an online world
    Benjamin B. Bederson, University of Maryland
  3. Agile-transformation strategy for large organizations
    Askhat Urazbaev, ScrumTrek
  4. Quality Rating as the identification of the product readiness for release
    Timofey Surguchenko, Parallels
  5. The Global State of Structural Quality in Business Applications
    Bill Curtis, Cast Software
  6. How to fulfil yourself on the global market?
    Alexander (Sasha) Galitsky, Almaz Capital Partners
  7. Modeling and the Cloud
    Richard Soley, OMG


The best of regular presentations

  1. CQRS: The architecture that makes your business applications better
    Ksenia Mukhortova, Intel
  2. 7 reasons of neashore outsourcing fail
    Sergey Berezhnoy,
  3. How to finance the company without selling your soul…
    Dmitri Dubograev,
  4. Legacy code through the eyes of a legacy developer
    Anna Vorobyeva, Parallels
  5. Dynamic data race detection in concurrent Java programs
    Vitaly Trifanov, Dmitry Tsitelov, Devexperts
  6. Container virtualization technology for Android
    Kirill Krinkin, Evgeny Batalov, Alexander Kartashov, Academic University RAS
  7. Technical Writer professional standard
    Mikhail Ostrogorskij, Philosoft
  8. Agile+UX: Proper user interface and agile methodology
    Vladimir Zavertaylov, Sibirix
  9. Power Battle: Windows 7 vs. Windows 8 (Running compute-intensive tasks)
    Stanislav Bratanov, Intel
  10. Holy war with the architect from the customer’s team
    Alexander Kalouguine, PMARCOR


The best of Open Space presentations

  1. Taming the legacy systems
    Alexander Marmuzevich, ST Group Holding
  2. The IVR solutions organizations based on PBX Asterisk and VoiceXML
    Vasiliy Kuzmin, MERA NN
  3. An application for Open TV Platforms
    Dmitry Vavilov, LegalSoft
  4. Development teams staffing and managing problems
    Andrey Evdakov, First Line Software
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