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An application for Open TV Platforms

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The authors describe an application for Digital TV open platforms (like Android or MHP-OCAP). The application gives the instantaneous tip to watch one of available channels. The TV platform shall be provided with this recommendation right at the moment of turning on the TV without any specific actions or efforts from the TV viewer side. The application forms the tip based only on analysis of previous activities of the TV user.

Usability of such application could be significantly improved if subject area’s specific is taken into account. The authors discuss the assumptions based on industry experience.

A trivial approach to implementation of this application is suggested for the case when EPG and detailed info on user could not be accessed.

Dmitry Vavilov

Dmitry VavilovDmitry Vavilov

Dr. Dmitry Vavilov worked in Motorola St.-Petesburg Software Center since 1999 till 2011. He managed a group of business analytics preparing inputs for Home (Digital TV) projects. Since 2011 he manages a Software Development and Consulting Department of St.-Petersburg company OOO Legal Soft.


Kirill Kostushkin

Kirill KostushkinKirill Kostushkin

Kirill Kostyushkin was born in 1979. He graduated from the St.-Petesburg Polytechnic University. He has been working in IT and Telecom industries for more than 10 years (including such companies as Motorola and General Satellite as well as in research institutes). Since 2010 Kirill manages the electronics design center Adakta.


Ivan Platonov

Ivan PlatonovIvan Platonov

Ivan Platonov was born in 1991. He is studying in St.-Petesburg Polytechnic University. For more than four years he has been working in IT projects including ones for Motorola.


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