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Legacy code through the eyes of a legacy developer

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The project is filling with legacy code insensibly. Only five years ago it was nice clean code, but now there is nobody who could understand it completely or predict what would involve its changing. Just as thermodynamic entropy is always increasing in the universe, so too code entropy is on the rise. Is it possible to stop its growth? Is it possible to prevent? Or should we just throw away the injured component and start from the very beginning? Let’s talk about some common practices.

Anna Vorobyeva

Anna VorobyevaAnna Vorobyeva

Virtualization Team Lead Developer, Parallels; Lecturer, MIPT

Anna has been involved in the product development since Parallels Workstation 2. She is the author of such complex features as a nested virtualization, memory management, a processor emulator, a space switcher and many others. Within almost ten years Anna had worked at the virtualization engine while its major requirements had been revised. Now Anna is mostly interested in architecture tasks.


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