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Some inadvisable practices and unexpected problems in Delphi programming

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Since its acquisition by Embarcadero Technologies, Delphi is being renovated constantly by introducing some new features in an attempt to reduce the gap to more modern languages like C#. This tendency could quite probably strengthen Delphi’s position as a development tool for startups.

The present paper relies on the author’s experience with a variety of Delphi versions for Win32, from Borland Delphi 3.0 to Embarcadero Delphi XE, and it summarizes a research aimed at identifying some inadvisable development patterns, as well as suggesting more appropriate techniques.

Maksim Gumerov

Maksim GumerovMaksim Gumerov

Like probably many people who had a chance to work on ZX Spectrum before its production has been cancelled, Maksim kept some relation to programming since his childhood. There was reading “Radio” preteding to understand their programs, when there was writing some program in Basic on paper (for unknown reason Spectrum was not able to save programs to a cassette tape), when some Pascal programming with assembly language inlines, which to no surprise brought Maksim into Delphi programming. He was always eager to share and publish his ideas, and same way he has been following innovations in software development, which took him to several brief projects in C#. Since 2010 he is leading a team in Ufimsky NTC LLC, working in a large legacy software project.

In 2011 he becomes a Ph.D. after presenting his thesis in application software development.

In 2012 Maksim enters Java development.


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