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Development, Usage and Efficiency of mobile applications

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Mobile applications, what do we mean by the term “Mobile applications”: a program on a mobile phone? On a tablet computer? The ability to use a program, not being tied to a workplace?

Anyone who has thought about the creation of mobile applications surely answers the question. Business customers in setting requirements to the product for the most part have in mind each of these points.

In the presentation, we will try to answer the question of what a mobile application brings a modern company. How this product will change the work of employees and clients. How important it is to choose the basic development platform. Through the example of a Front-end class application, and a mobile application, available for the download from the application stores of IOS, Android, WP7, will tell the story of their creation and operational practice, the story of how they have changed the procedures and the attitude to the programs of convinced conservatives such as health care workers. We will see how important the development of personalized mobile applications in the medical field, and then, what effect it will give the end user.

Aleksey Ostroushko

Aleksey OstroushkoAleksey Ostroushko

Graduated from the Southern Russian state technical university in the specialty “Automation of technological processes and productions”

Since 2007 to present days – work as a head of development dept. in “INVITRO”. Within professional activity develop an approach of use of territory separated teams and creative solution of tasks.

Since 2010 – active participant of projects in development of IT in medicine and life care


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