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Agile implementation in investment banking projects

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Investment banking is very specific world where:

  • multibillion trades and huge risk are come together;
  • old proofed and innovated technologies goes in parallel;
  • product requirements are changing on-the-fly;
  • stakeholder understanding the part of product scope and roadmap

How to coordinate increased product quality, extra rapid requirements change and Agile practices? What is mandatory to do to bring project to the success, making customers and team happy & satisfied?

In brief, the goal of the speech: demonstrate success examples of setup Agile process from the scratch in financial IT business having strong specific aspects, strong focus on dates and product quality.

All occurred risks and solved problems are on the slides. There is no secret from you. :-)

In details you will see people relationship changes started using Agile rather than “chaotic” or waterfall methodology so habitual in banks.

Main speech focus is to explain all real cases that team had to meet and pass within success during development process setup and optimization. Some of them – IT area generic, others have financial specific.

In addition hints & know-how will be announced to expedite Agile applying within project team having zero or insufficient experienced with methodologies.

Mikhail Gedzberg

Mikhail GedzbergMikhail Gedzberg

Sr. Project Manager, Luxoft

Mikhail has worked in IT area for more 11 year, last 5 – complex & distributtive project managements.

Key skill & experience:

  • Project Managements
  • Software developement process setup & optimization
  • Team forming, coachiing & effectiveness increase.
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Risk Management
  • Time Management

Since 2010 he collaborates with Luxoft Training center: training, seminars, coaching applying.

Speaker on IT conferences:

  • SPB Conf-1
  • ADD – 2



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