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Alexander Klimov and Igor Sukharev

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Alexander Klimov

Alexander KlimovAlexander Klimov

Alexander Klimov is Advisory Software Engineer, Senior Accredited IT Specialist, and the chairman of Technical Experts Council Russia/CIS at IBM.

Alexander has over 10 years of experience in modelling the artificial intelligence and development of the computer-aided design and automation testing systems. Now Alexander is working on diagnostic software for high performance systems in IBM.


Igor Sukharev

Igor SukharevIgor Sukharev

Igor is Advisory Software Engineer in IBM and has 12+ years of experience in software development creating enterprise applications, system management and virtualization. Now Igor is involved in development of cloud computing solutions and holds a number of patents in this area.


Presentation: The Impact of the Cloud on Programming Models

Cloud computing promises a path to higher efficiency, agility, quality, security, governance, standardization and time to value in the delivery, consumption and operation of IT services, all at reduced capital and operational expense. The massive potential of Cloud computing is, however, easily matched by the challenge and effort to transform traditional IT over to a Cloud model.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all Cloud, and it is up to each business to decide how much change is tolerable and decide how far into the Cloud to step. Adoption of Cloud is a personal journey that no two businesses will undertake in exactly the same way. Wherever a business may land on the Cloud spectrum, there are benefits to be had.

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