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For speakers

List of accepted papers

Deadlines and required materials

If your paper is accepted for inclusion into the CEE-SECR 2012 main program, please follow these steps:

Before 15th of September (inclusive)

  1. Read the reviewers recommendations which were sent to you and correct your abstract if needed. Update the abstract in the system:
  2. Email to us:
    • Your photo, 150 by 150 px or larger.
    • Your short bio (500-750 characters) which includes your current company and position.
  1. Upload the final camera-ready version of your paper and presentation slides to the system All templates can be found at:
  2. Register as a speaker at the conference website:

NB! Please enter the promo-codes sent to you by email. There is one free registration per presentation and a 50% discount for co-presenters.

Instructions for authors

Academic papers can be written either in English or in Russian; however, each paper must include an abstract in both languages. Presentation abstracts must be written in both English and Russian.

All accepted papers will be distributed at the conference on a flash drive.

Academic paper

  • Academic paper must be compliant with the academic template;
  • Please provide a slide deck to be presented at the conference. Presentation template is available;
  • Presentation formats: .ррt, .ррtx, .ррs, .odp, .pdf.

Please upload both paper and presentation via the submission engine by the September 30:


Timing and Equipment

  • 30 minutes is allocated for each regular presentation, including time for discussion.
  • Each room will be equipped with a video projector and a PC.
  • Simultaneous translation will be provided.

Open Space presentations

This year Open Space will be a platform for the presentations and discussions in a free format. For speakers Open Space is a great opportunity to present their ideas and discuss them with the target audience. Open Space will be equipped with the laptop, screen, and whiteboard.

Schedule and information about the discussions and the authors will be published on the website and included in the conference materials.

20-30 minutes is allocated for each presentation.

The presenter will receive a free pass, the co-authors are eligible for a noticeable (50%) discount.

Before 30th of September (inclusive):

  1. Register as a speaker at the conference website:
  2. Read the reviewers recommendations below and update the abstract of your presentation in the system:
  3. Please send us by email:
    • Your photo, 150 by 150 px or bigger.
    • Your short bio (~500 characters), your current company and position

Travel arrangements

The conference official travel partner is ISC travel (IntelService Center). ISC travel offers full assistance and support with the following services: Visa Invitation processing, Hotel bookings, Transportation services, Professional translation, Pre- and post conference tours

There are special rates for CEE-SECR participants. More information is available at

We highly recommend booking your accommodation in Moscow as soon as you register for the conference.

Conference organizers will not cover your traveling costs and hotel reservations.


Julia Kryuchkova, Conference Secretary +7 921 741 48 23
Boris Kulakov, Conference Manager +7 921 782 84 70
Tel. (Moscow): +7 499 703 16 55.
Tel. (St.-Petersburg): +7 812 336 93 44.

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