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Call For Papers

CEE-SECR is the premier software engineering conference in Russia. Up to 800 participants from over more than 20 countries are expected to attend the event. The program will include research presentations, experience reports, panel discussions, workshops, invited presentations, and keynote lectures delivered by the leading Russian and international software industry experts.

Target Audience

CEE-SECR brings together software industry specialists of all levels: from programmers and academics to entrepreneurs and investors.

In past years, keynote lectures were delivered by Jeff Sutherland, Bjarne Stroustrup, Thomas Erl, Yuri Karpov, Serguei Beloussov, Grady Booch and other distinguished figures.


  • Software Engineering: Research and Practice, including:
    • Cloud computing;
    • Agile methodologies;
    • Mobile applications;
    • Software for Banking and Finance;
    • Programming technologies and tools;
    • Software quality assurance;
    • Project and product management;
    • Usability and User experience; and
    other related topics
  • Human capital and Education
  • Computer Software Industry: Business and Entrepreneurship


CEE-SECR 2012 invites submissions in two categories: Academic papers and Presentations of practical experience.

The submissions selection is conducted by the Program Committee, which consists of recognized international and domestic experts from both industry and academia.

The review procedure has been improved this year with two interactive steps being added in order to insure the higher quality of presentations.

One free pass per accepted paper will be given to the speaker making the presentation.

30th of June 2012 is the submission deadline for proposals which are preliminary reviewed by the Program Committee and published at the conference website.

In response to some author requests, the proposals will be accepted until 22nd of July 2012.

However, the proposals submitted after 30th of June will undertake only the last round of the selections process and will not be preliminary reviewed by the Program Committee. So, it is strongly recommended to submit your proposals by 30th of June:

Notifications about paper acceptance will be sent to the authors by 31st of August 2012.


Nick Puntikov, Conference Chair
Andrey N. Terekhov, Program Committee Chair

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