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Accepted presentations

  • Sergey Arkhipenkov (ID: 31)
    Thinking about programming. From Aristotle to Wittgenstein
  • Yelena Belyayeva et al. (ID: 150)
    Organizational metrics program: how to avoid measuring an average color of fruits
  • Sergey Berezhnoy (ID: 54)
    7 reasons of neashore outsourcing fail
  • Valery Birin (ID: 103)
    What Do Customers Want?… Or Peculiarities of the National “Implementations”
  • Ilia Blaer (ID: 100)
    SCRUM vs. СКРАМ. How to manage Scrum-projects with Russian customers?
  • Andrey Bokhanko (ID: 84)
    Software Development for Non-Existing Processors (and Vice-Versa): How Intel Does It
  • Stanislav Bratanov (ID: 26)
    Power Battle: Windows 7 vs. Windows 8 (Running compute-intensive tasks)
  • Konstantin Bychenkov (ID: 128)
    Project in stress – take a deep breath
  • Sofia Chebanova (ID: 158)
    Usability testing of IDEs
  • Aleksey Drozhzhov (ID: 67)
    Lessons learnt creating MSAA compliant IP softphone
  • Dmitri Dubograev (ID: 160)
    How to finance the company without selling your soul…
  • Weam Farid (ID: 171)
    Towards an Agile Framework for Non-functional Requirements Modeling
  • Tatiana Fokina (ID: 153)
    HR branding: myth, speculation or tool? Recruiter point of view
  • Ivan Gammel (ID: 142)
    Transforming autoforms to quality interface with DSL
  • Juri Gik (ID: 15)
    Service-oriented architecture methodologies analysis
  • Semen Grigorev et al. (ID: 156)
    Dynamic SQL transformation automatization
  • Jürgen Hönigl (ID: 147)
    Building a Financial Case-Based Reasoning Prototype from Scratch with Respect to Credit Lending and Association Models Driven by Knowledge Discovery
  • Gregory Izmailov et al. (ID: 101)
    Practical experience of development of cross-platform business applications for mobile devices
  • Stanislav Kalkanov (ID: 105)
    Lean Startup Approach for Fearless Changes & Innovations
  • Alexander Kalouguine (ID: 165)
    Holy war with the architect from the customer’s team
  • Ivan Kaurov et al. (ID: 99)
    Analytical module of commercial bank’s encashment management system
  • Sergey Kotyrev (ID: 7)
    Practical experience in using the eye-tracking technology for interface optimization and audience segmentation
  • Kirill Krinkin et al. (ID: 77)
    Container virtualization technology for Android
  • Yulian Larionov et al. (ID: 70)
    Possibilities and Limitations of Statistic Models in Project Management
  • Ekaterina Lobanova et al. (ID: 140)
    The strategy of testing a software product
  • Zinaida Maksimova (ID: 42)
    eCommerce with secure containers for storing personal data
  • Elena Mandrikova (ID: 134)
    Psychological aspects in software engineering students’ education: the myth or the reality?
  • Nikolay Matsievsky (ID: 11)
    High availability and reliability for cloud services
  • Ksenia Mukhortova (ID: 97)
    CQRS: The architecture that makes your business applications better
  • Vladimir Ogloblin (ID: 65)
    Experience of replacement of COBIT in the course of IT department transformation
  • Luis Olsina et al. (ID: 34)
    Bridging the Gap between Security/Risk Assessment and Quality Evaluation Methods
  • Boris Pankov (ID: 161)
    Telematics and development of solutions for “Smart things”
  • Gregory Petrosyan (ID: 144)
    Back to the future of native programming
  • Evgeny Philippov et al. (ID: 132)
    Academic program as a key element of staff development in IT companies
  • Tatiana Pichkhadze (ID: 35)
    Agile in fixed price projects
  • Dmitry Platonov (ID: 19)
    Optimizing the protection of inventions in software products
  • Andrey Ponomarenko et al. (ID: 49)
    Problems and automation tools of the workplace of a Linux maintainer
  • Dmitry Pozdyakov et al. (ID: 114)
    UI patterns for mobiles
  • Leonid Purto (ID: 127)
    Transforming software into microchip: the routine, or creativity?
  • Evgeny Pyshkin et al. (ID: 29)
    On Requirements for Acceptance Testing Automation Tools in Behavior Driven Software Development
  • Mikhail Radchenko (ID: 102)
    How to prepare for sale and how to sell a software project
  • Dima Rekesh (ID: 9)
    Porting a Massively Parallel Bio-Informatics Pipeline to the Cloud: A Case Study
  • Georgy Saveliev (ID: 40)
    The six dimensional usability model
  • Alexandra Savelieva et al. (ID: 64)
    A Framework for Analysis of Case Studies in Information Security
  • Samarth Shah (ID: 123)
    Open Source Image Processing using Kinect (Microsoft), SimpleCV and Python (an Alternative of Matlab)
  • Boris Slavin (ID: 36)
    Cloud service for a group intellectual expertise
  • Jan Sliwa (ID: 25)
    Demography of the software development industry — past and future
  • Andrey Smirnov et al. (ID: 50)
    Developing distributed fault-tolerant systems using Erlang platform
  • Dmitriy Sorokin (ID: 48)
    The process approach in the management of software development
  • Miloslav Sredkov (ID: 57)
    Jsonya/dm: A Univocal JSON Interpretation
  • Victor Strelkov (ID: 68)
    Comprehensive Approach to Optimizing Large Project Compilation
  • Nikolay Demyankov (ID: 117)
    How to earn on the mobile application
  • Vitaly Trifanov et al. (ID: 98)
    Dynamic data race detection in concurrent Java programs
  • Juan Velasco (ID: 53)
    Telecoms new security challenges facing Cloud and Mobile expansion. A new security approach
  • Anna Vorobyeva (ID: 115)
    Legacy code through the eyes of a legacy developer
  • Cenkler Yakin (ID: 33)
    Evolution of Process & Product Metrics Based On Information Needs
  • Vladimir Zavertaylov (ID: 43)
    Agile+UX: Proper user interface and agile methodology
  • Nikolay Zhuravlev (ID: 56)
    Adaptive file system for automotive diagnostics
  • Andrey Zotov (ID: 162)
    Attracting investments to the software business

Presentations accepted for Open Space

This year Open Space will incorporate presentations and discussions in a free format. For speakers it is a great opportunity to present their ideas and discuss them with their target audience.
Open Space will be equipped with the laptop, screen, and whiteboard. Schedule and information about the discussions and the speakers will be published on the website and included in the conference materials.

  • Alexander Aristov (ID: 37)
    Problems of Software Integration in the Banking Sector: Outside Perspective
  • Sergey Krendelev et al. (ID: 149)
    Advanced Protected DataBase-as-a-Service System
  • Alexander Chekov et al. (ID: 90)
    Method to create users
  • Vitaly Domrachev (ID: 130)
    Agile Process Wizard or how to construct own Agile methodology for concrete project
  • Nikita Efimov (ID: 59)
    Breaking the rules — “breaking” interaction patterns on mobile devices
  • Andrey Evdakov (ID: 61)
    Development teams staffing and managing problems
  • Mikhail Gedzberg (ID: 69)
    Agile implementation in investment banking projects
  • Maksim Gumerov (ID: 44)
    Some inadvisable practices and unexpected problems in Delphi programming
  • Peter Khenkin (ID: 92)
    Cryptography functions embedding audit
  • Ivan Kireev (ID: 131)
    Semantic technologies for IT projects management
  • Vasiliy Kuzmin et al. (ID: 71)
    The IVR solutions organizations based on PBX Asterisk and VoiceXML
  • Dmitriy Lozenko (ID: 55)
    Internet banking: functionality by bankers, interfaces by programmers, and what users actually need
  • Olga Maksimenkova et al. (ID: 41)
    Building the culture of programming for higher education students
  • Alexander Marmuzevich (ID: 104)
    Taming the legacy systems
  • Areg Melik-Adamyan (ID: 133)
    An Approach for Building Adaptive Job Scheduling System in Massively-Parallel System
  • Aleksey Ostroushko (ID: 14)
    Development, use and effectiveness of mobile apps
  • Aleksander Panchenko (ID: 138)
    «QA manager + Tester = ?»
  • Oleg Repin (ID: 52)
    Using remote hardware platforms for embedded systems development
  • Dmitry Lazarenko (ID: 170)
    Who Needs Private PaaS and Why?
  • Sergey Salishev (ID: 135)
    Modelling of P2P assisted CDN for Full HD video downloading with realistic user behavior
  • Alexey Salmin et al. (ID: 113)
    Testing of changes in software system based on source code coverage
  • Dmitry Shlykov (ID: 167)
    Software Products Protection Strategy
  • Denis Silakov (ID: 21)
    RPM5: a novel format and tools to distribute Linux applications
  • Igor Suzdaltsev (ID: 28)
    GUI-Robot as a New Trading Technology
  • Elena Sycheva (ID: 146)
    Features of existing market of mobile applications and development experience
  • Dmitry Vavilov et al. (ID: 145)
    An application for Open TV Platforms
  • Artem Vorobyev (ID: 168)
    Usage of Continuous Delivery approach for effective software development
  • Vasily Voronkov (ID: 66)
    Why do we need functional programming (and what is it by the way?)
  • Vladimir Zheleznyak et al. (ID: 83)
    Grumblers on the project – positive and negative sides. How to work effectively with such people taking in mind team spirit?
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