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The strategy of testing a software product

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The company success under conditions of the competitive environment is determined by the ability to produce the competitive advantages. As a rule, the sources of the competitive advantages are the managerial skills and willing to innovations. The implementation of innovative projects associated with considerable difficulties, and often fails.
Our organization has developed a method of forming a strategy of testing a software product.

Ekaterina Lobanova

Ekaterina LobanovaEkaterina Lobanova

QA Lead, SKYROS Corporation

In the year of 2010 Ekaterina has finished the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes, St. Petersburg State University. Thesis and research in postgraduate courses devoted to iterative methods in mathematical diagnostics. Desire to work in a team of highly qualified professionals, learn new technologies and deepen knowledge of software development processes led to the Corporation SKYROS, where she rose from the Software Tester to a leading expert. He is currently a TestLeader in the project to develop a new integrated security system and video surveillance VideoNet 9.


Evgeny Akimov

Evgeny AkimovEvgeny Akimov

Head of QA Department, SKYROS Corporation

In the year of 1991 Evgeny has finished the «Applied Math – management processes» department of the Leningrad State University. From 1994 till 2000 has been working as a Test software engineer in the Prolog Development Center ( by Dutch. The last 10 years Evgeny has been working in the SKYROS Corporation starting the carrier on the position of a software tester and nowadays progressed to the Head of the Quality Assurance Department. Among the key achievements for the working period in the SKYROS Corporation there are developing and implementation of the Quality Management System and the company certifying according to the ISO 9001:2000/2008 standard. The last year the main sphere of the department activity is the Software Quality Evaluation model developing.

By now Evgeny is finishing his studying in the Open Business School of the United Kingdom by the course of Master of Business Administration.


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