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Organizational metrics program: how to avoid measuring an average color of fruits

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The submission describes a general approach to the establishment of organizational metrics program. We are going to speak about the following problems: how to gather and track metrics in heterogeneous environment and how to make metrics gathering process done at project level visible to the senior management. In the submission we provide examples from our work experience.


Alexander Babkin

Alexander BabkinAlexander Babkin

Manager of Quality Engineering team, Motorola Mobility St. Petersburg

Working for Motorola since 1999 Alexander was responsible for preparation of the company for assessments/appraisals against SW-CMM (Level 5 in 2001) and CMMI for Development (Level 5 in 2004). Over last couple of years Alexander has been involved in deployment of processes based on multiple quality and software engineering models, standards and methods (ISO9001, TL9000, Agile, Digital Six Sigma). Besides process improvement activities Alexander’s team is currently in charge of development of local business process automation tools, support of organization’s training program and coordination of R&D projects with St. Petersburg universities.

Yelena Belyayeva

Yelena BelyayevaYelena Belyayeva

Business Process Manager, Kaspersky Lab

Yelena Belyayeva works as Business Process Manager in Kaspersky Lab. She is in charge of creation and deployment of new process practices and procedures at organization, program and project level, process optimization through statistical analysis (Lean and Digital Six Sigma), provides quality control activities, metrics program coordination and conducting process related workshops.

From 1999 till 2008 Yelena worked as Software Quality engineer and later Process engineer for Motorola company. In 2009-2010 she was a process and quality engineer in Comtek organization that worked for Freescale. And starting 2010 year Yelena returned to Motorola Mobility, St.-Petersburg software center, as Senior Software Quality engineer. She received the MS degree in Physics science in 1996 from the St.-Petersburg Pedagogical University. Contact her at


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