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Usage of Continuous Delivery approach for effective software development

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In recent years, various Agile project management approaches have become more and more popular and valuable. In the rapidly changing competitive environment in many cases, only these approaches can let successfully bring to market a new fast growing products, allowing one to implement new business functionality in a really short time, receiving customers response as quickly as possible and invest in the development of products as efficiently as possible.
However, these approaches are not absolutely perfect and have some well-known disadvantages of different nature. It must be remembered that, in general, the use of an iterative approach in development can cause the case when the amount of functionality existing in each next version of the solution, will significantly increase the amount of effort required for testing each next version of the product, bringing us to the point when it is impossible to deliver successfully our product to market at the end of each iteration.

Another important factor is that after the development and testing phase of a product one more step should be performend – new version of the solution should be deployed into production, which can often take a very long time, greatly reducing the effect of the benefits arising from the use of Agile approach. And at last but not least there is another area of software delivery process improvement, consisting in the creation of such an approach in which our solution would be potentially ready to be delivered to production not only at the end of an iteration, but at any moment during development process.

The solution of the problems described above can be obtained from well-established process of Continuous Delivery and usage of automated testing practices as an essential part of it. Continuous Delivery can significantly reduce the time between initial request for new business functionality and moment when implementation of it will go live. This presentation contains the theoretical foundations of this approach and analysis of the experience related to usage of some practices of Continuous Delivery in the area of e-commerce solutions.

Artem Vorobyev

Artem VorobyevArtem Vorobyev

Senior Delivery Manager, Grid Dynamics

Artem Vorobyev joined Grid Dynamics in 2010 as a Senior Delivery Manager in the area of e-commerce.

Prior to Grid Dynamics Artem worked in Deutsche Bank as project manager. Before it Artem spent four years at Exigen Services in a variety of management roles within IT. He has strong experience in the project management especially using Agile techniques, experience in process improvement, experience in multicultural environment: CIS, Europe, US, China, India. In addition to that he has 10+ years in the area of software development (C++, Java).

Artem received an MA with Honors in Theoretical Physics. He is a certified Scrum Master.

Personal interests: technology innovations, high performance systems, web and mobile development, project management and process improvement, science.


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