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GUI-Robot as a New Trading Technology

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In order to describe a new financial markets trading technology, it’s important to reach an agreement on major definitions. Today they look like this:

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) is the type of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices with images rather than text commands;
  • Strategy builder is the tool for creation and testing of trading strategies;
  • GUI-Robot is the algorithmic trading tool that is based on electronic trading platform’s GUI, has built-in charts and doesn’t require programming skills;
  • Algorithmic trading is the use of electronic platforms for entering trading orders with an algorithm and without human intervention.

Two tools for manual GUI of electronic trading platforms are popular today: Strategy builder and GUI-Robot. Let’s review and compare these GUI tools. MT5 built by MetaQuotes Software Corp. offers to clients the strategy builder MetaEditor that requires programming skills. MT5 built by MetaQuotes Software Corp. offers to clients the trading robot Robot iTrader that doesn’t require programming skills. This advantage is significantly increasing the usage of this tool by traders and clients of banks, investment and broker companies.

So, GUI-Robot that doesn’t require programming skills is the most promising business idea and major trading technology trend in financial markets these days.

Recently, Kalita-Finance is talking on embedding of GUI-Robot into the trading platforms of several financial institutions in Russia, China and European Union. We have reasons to believe that by the year 2015 the GUI-Robot ill become one the most useful trading applications for banks and financial industry and that majority of brokers and single-dealer electronic trading platforms will employ the GUI-Robot concept.

Igor Suzdaltsev

Igor SuzdaltsevIgor Suzdaltsev

Igor Suzdaltsev is a renowned Russian financial markets specialist with great professional experience, an author of the Trading GUI-Robot concept as a solution for multi-asset algorithmic trading (2011, please see more at Owner of LinkedIn professional group Electronic Trading Russia. Personal website

Mr. Suzdaltsev worked as a project manager for algorithmic trading development at OTP Bank (2005-2010) and as a Director of algorithmic trading at Alfa-Bank (2010-2011). At the present time he is working as a Deputy CEO at Kalita-Finance.


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