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Mobile Banking: the Future of Banking Services Made Reality

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  1. Mobile banking is a new step in the development of banking services provided by banks to their clients
    What possibilities does it provide for the bank and for the client? Why more people every day are interested in using banking services via their mobiles? Numbers, facts, graphs, prospects.
  2. What mobile technologies are about to change the sphere of banking services?
    The future of mobile banking services has already come. New services allow users to pay their bills directy from home or on their way to work. In big cities, less people every day tend to go to the bank to queue in order to pay their monthly utility bills. Mobile technologies advance every year. In about 2 or 3 years no one will remember the times when it was necessary to go to the bank to pay one’s everyday bills.
  3. Not all of the banks fully understand the importance of mobile technologies today. Market shares and client bases will be redistributed in favor of those using the most cutting-edge technologies. The bankers, being unquestionable experts in their sphere, should therefore think not only in the categories of traditional banking opertations, but also to feel, understand and develop technologies that are about to become the key ones in the industry. In about 3 years, going to a bank to pay a bill will seem nonsence. The banker’s task is to give the user a «button» to satisfy their immediate desires. A credit in one click a purchase in one click, payments in one lick – that’s what potential clients want from a bank today.
  4. Still working in the same old way
    Even those that provide mobile payment services to their clients today scarcely understand the main function and essence of a mobile bank. The majority limits themselves with copying the functionality of some existing solution. But this is not enough to make a client happy. As it has already been mentioned above, clients do not want any functionality, they need a «button». A button to satisfy their imeediate desires. Isn’t is the dream of all bankers?
  5. So, what we have in the end?
    A disproportion between the client’s desires and needs and the existing solutions. For the client, lack of usability is lack of motivation to spend money. For the bankers, it’s less profit and a lost market share.
  6. A list of mobile banking technologies waiting to be properly implemented.
  7. Brief overview of existing mobile banking systems. Conclusion.

Dmitry Lozenko

Dmitry LozenkoDmitry Lozenko

Senior software developer of Android-based mobile applications, Auriga

Dmitry V. Lozenko works as a senior developer of mobile applications at Auriga. He shows great interest in mobile applications and various aspects of their usage in everyday life. The main factor inspiring Dmitry in his work is the ability to create really useful high-quality applications that will help users easily handle their routine tasks with the help of their mobile phones. Dmitry believes that every developer’s task is to focus not only on the technical side of the project, but also on its usability, and to plan application architecture in detail. In his work, Dmitry himself focuses a lot on software usability and safisfying user requests.

Dmitry is the author of two successful Google Play applications:

  1. Metro 24 (TOP-1 in the Best Travel Apps category)
  2. News widget (a free and easy-to-use application for reading news from various sources)


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