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Svetlana Isakova


Svetlana IsakovaSvetlana Isakova

Svetlana is working on Project Kotlin at JetBrains (

She is interested in different programming languages. Svetlana teaches the course “The Scala Programming Language” at the St. Petersburg Academic University.

New JVM Languages: Kotlin and friends

New programming languages emerge at a rate of dozens a year. Traditionally, they are developed by researchers and enthusiasts, and very rarely — by big companies.

This has significantly changed lately: in the single year of 2011thee industrial players announced their own new JVM languages. JetBrains introduced Kotlin, Red Hat (JBoss) introduced Ceylon, and Itemis (Eclipse Foundation) introduced xText. Also Typesafe was founded making Scala and industrial project.
It’s fair to say that we are witnessing a JVM-language boom, an “industrial language era”.

This talk covers the reasons behind these phenomena. In particular, it provides analysis of the problems being solved by the new languages and comparison of the proposed solutions.



  • Ksenia Mukhortova says:

    Hi Andrey,
    As I know, JetBrains also has a project for Launguage Workbench (MPS), could you, please, tell what you think is a future of DSLs and what are JetBrains furhter plans with MPS, maybe visual launguage designer, etc?

    • Andrey Breslav says:

      MPS is doing well, they are releasing a new version as a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, so that it will integrate better with other paradigms. We have a few products in production and development that are written with MPS, e.g. YouTrack. It is also used outside JetBrains: for example, Realaxy Action Script Editor is built with MPS:

      AFAIK, further plans are to productize more languages and make MPS better in all ways possible.

      Strictly speaking, MPS already has a something like a “visual language designer”…

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