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Measuring usability of software products

Section with discussion

Experts in the field of usability and UX will share there experience in using various methods of measuring software usability, discuss the best ways to apply these methods, and answer the questions from the audience.

Talks during the discussion:

Moderator: Yaroslav Tabakov

Yaroslav TabakovYaroslav Tabakov

Yaroslav is the Founder and CEO of Orange Page and an Expert in St. Petersburg office of USABILITYLAB.

For 10 years Yaroslav is engaged in analysis and design of software solutions, project and operational management, and building development processes. He graduated from Bauman University with speciality “Materials and components of solid state electronics” in 2002.

Yaroslav worked for Wizardsoft, Complete, SmartPhoneLabs as an analyst, project manager and technical director. The last few years he works as an expert in usability, user interface design and software ergonomics.


Georgy Saveliev

Georgy SavelievGeorgy Saveliev

Georgy Saveliev – software architect, enterprise modeling professional, cerified Business Analyst (CBAP). Senior Analyst at Auriga, Inc.

Georgy has over 20 years of experience in researching and designing human-computer interactions. Completed over 40 projects for improving enterprise information systems and business processes. Key contributor to creation of award-winning Enterprise Optimizer® software for River Logic®, Inc. Visionary, architect and project manager for building Enterprise Optimizer Server®. Architect, UI designer and project manager for building Cost-to-Serve Planner™ solution for Kraft® Canada.


Sergey Kotyrev

Sergey KotyrevSergey Kotyrev


Sergey Kotyrev is a known Internet activist and a participant of IT-conferences and exhibitions and is published actively. Sergei has two degrees in Economics and Management—from SPb SMTU (St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University) and Stockholm School of Economics in Russia, and an MBA.

Sergey Kotyrev was born in St. Petersburg in 1976. He is the head of the group of companies UMI, which includes Umisoft (content management system UMI.CMS), service of the ready-to-use sites (, hosting provider Umihost and internet agency Umistudio.

Sergey teaches at the Advanced Management Institute and School of internet marketing “Netologia.” Sergei has two degrees in Economics and Management—from SPb SMTU (St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University) and Stockholm School of Economics in Russia, and an MBA. Is a member of the world-wide Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).

He is married and has a son. The hobbies include sailing and playing on musical instruments.


Sofia Chebanova

Sofia ChebanovaSofia Chebanova

Head of usability testing laboratory at Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (University ITMO).

One of the co-founders of the only fully equipped usability testing laboratory in the North-West of Russia. Sofia engages in the development and popularization of the User Experience among students, teaches HCI at University ITMO, conducts monthly workshops “Usability Talks” for beginners in the sphere of usability, was one of the initiators and programme committee chairman at ProfsoUX, the first conference on usability and user experience design in Saint-Petersburg.

Two higher education degrees at Saint-Petersburg State University in Information Technology and Mathematical Linguistics.

Aims to show every programmer the suffering of real people interacting with the poorly thought-out and inefficient interfaces every day.


Nikita Efimov

Nikita EfimovNikita Efimov

UX Designer, Wrike Inc.

Graduated ITMO with master’s degree. Has more than 6-years experience in software development in different roles: developer, architect, project manager, UX designer. During this time, worked both in product and outsourcing teams on different projects: from compilers to project management systems.


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