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Practical experience in using the eye-tracking technology for interface optimization and audience segmentation

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1. What is usability of user interfaces?
When we say that interface is usable or not usable, what do we mean by that?
How strong we are used to it?
How long did it take to master it?
What length of time and number of actions do we need to conduct an operation?
Marketing managers from software companies always talk about usability of user interfaces, but what do they really mean by that?
Can we imagine an interface that seems to be easy-to-use, but in fact turn out to be the opposite?

2. Basic metrics for MEASURING usability
Usability is a quantitatively measurable value. We can measure time for mastering an interface, time for conducting an operation and all the routine actions needed to complete an operation.

3. Tools
To measure measurable parameters we need some equipment. The simplest are a video camera and a stopwatch. The best is eye-tracker.

A Case-study. What is the eye-tracker? How do we use it?
How to organize the eye-tracking testing of interfaces?

4. Processing the research results
As a result of research the software authors will always find something new and surprising about their own product and people who are using it.

Examples of some research results and discoveries.

5. Audience segmentation
As a result of research we can see that different audience segments (women, men, IT-specialists, managers etc.) show absolutely different metrics.


6. Interface optimization and second research.
Examples, how the slight interface changes can make significant improvements in usability metrics.

7. Eye-tracking in comparison with other ways of working with usability.

Sergey Kotyrev

Sergey KotyrevSergey Kotyrev


Sergey Kotyrev is a known Internet activist and a participant of IT-conferences and exhibitions and is published actively. Sergei has two degrees in Economics and Management—from SPb SMTU (St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University) and Stockholm School of Economics in Russia, and an MBA.

Sergey Kotyrev was born in St. Petersburg in 1976. He is the head of the group of companies UMI, which includes Umisoft (content management system UMI.CMS), service of the ready-to-use sites (, hosting provider Umihost and internet agency Umistudio.

Sergey teaches at the Advanced Management Institute and School of internet marketing “Netologia.” Sergei has two degrees in Economics and Management—from SPb SMTU (St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University) and Stockholm School of Economics in Russia, and an MBA. Is a member of the world-wide Entrepreneurs Organization (EO).

He is married and has a son. The hobbies include sailing and playing on musical instruments.


  • Eugene Govako says:

    Talking about UX and most software UI I know, eye tracking won’t do. Use curse tracking instead – it’s a much more precise metric. How many times your soft was damned. Which UI forms were the most offended ones. Loudness and bang tracking for enterprise users!

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