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Telematics and development of solutions for “Smart things”

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Telematics market is growing rapidly. Ericsson prognoses claim that in 8 years there will be 7 smart things per each person. Smart things are also growth drivers for mobile operators.

One of the key industry characteristics is high vertical integration of manufacturers and high defragmentation of consumers. Dynamics of industry players – enlargement/integration and consolidation.

Here are some examples of smart things: Corporate sector – transport telematics with wide range of applications. Consumer sector – smart toothbrush and dolls.

Industry development trends. Following the ERP-system path. Differentiation, development of universal, multifunctional platforms. Growing clients’ need in customization.

Possible strategies for developers. Global distribution of unique components. Satisfaction of local clients with wide range of solutions.

Asymbix platform and its infrastructure. Community of suppliers and developers. Support of both strategies. Infrastructure content. Principles of applications and components’ development.

Development of global distribution. Role of Omnicomm company as an infrastructure. Global selling channels, informational infrastructure, financial logistics, legal support. Role of component supplier. Worldwide users support. Development on order (Tailor made development)

Pursuing success on local market. Earning principles of local player. Role of Community and Market in development of solutions. Local player and global suppliers interaction.

Boris Pankov

Boris PankovBoris Pankov

Pankov Boris was born June 11th 1964 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Since early childhood he was curious about electronic engineering and ambitious in his experimentation – in 1980 he became radio engineering champion in Azerbaijan.

In 1986 he graduated from Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute specializing in “Radio Engineering”.

In 1988 Boris became project manager working for security ministries he was responsible for development of mobile satellite communications. In 1992 he was offered a position of Head of mobile satellite communications department in the “Combellga” company. For “Combellga” Boris created new business-line and technical infrastructure to provide service basing on monitoring system and mobile satellite communications EutelTRACS.

In 1998 Boris founded “Omnicomm” company. For 15 years under wise management of mr. Pankov Company has been developing rapidly and now became transport telematics and fuel spending control systems market leader in Russia&CIS. Omnicomm exports in more than 80 countries all over the world.
Boris is married and has two sons.



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