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Telecoms new security challenges facing Cloud and Mobile expansion. A new security approach

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The proliferation of new devices with 4G capabilities is creating a huge development in the use of new devices world wide. These millons of new devices required tons of broadband as well as new quick services development and delivery of powerful Cloud Services.

  • How to face the new security challenges about it?
  • should Telecoms reduce the capabilities of the new mobile devices?
  • Cloud should be an open estandard? or
    Every Telecom should deploy their own flavour of Cloud services for protection their Customers and their business?

These questions will be covered from the Author’s vision based on his experience of more than 15 years working at Telefonica as well as 10 years dedicated to the security services development for Mobile Customers.

Juan Velasco

Juan VelascoJuan Velasco

Mr. Juan M. Velasco currently member of the Board of Directors at iSMS Forum Spain, Partner Director at ECS and Senior VP Business Development at Buguroo Security, have worked at Telefonica Global Telecom Group for the past 12 years holding many positions within the company like i.e. Director for the Security Services Division at Telefonica Enterprises Spain (2006-2012), also Deputy Director for Security Services and Shared Platforms for the Telefonica Empresas (2003–2006), Director of Infrastructures Planning and Architectures Design (2003-2006) and Deputy Director of Project Engineering and Security Services at Telefonica Data Spain (2002-2003) . Also Chief Operations Officer at ACE (Electronic Certification Agency) company created by Telefonica DataCorp and the Spanish Association of Banks 4B, CECA and SERMEPA Visa Spain (1999-2002).

Starting his professional career at Telefonica Data Corp (1997-1999), Telefonica Advanced Internet Services (1995-1999) and ALCATEL Information Systems Spain (1992-1995). Master Degree in Computer Science Engineering by UPM Spain, and Master Executive Enterprise Management at INSEAD – EUROFORUM Spain.


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