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Service-oriented architecture methodologies analysis

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1. The role of the service-oriented architecture (SOA) in the IT industry. The analysis of methodologies and the need of systematization.
Service-oriented architecture is one of the most interesting architecture paradigms for recent time in the IT industry. In spite of 10 years long history and plenty of implemented for that time projects, theory of SOA has no unity. Several vendors are promoting own methodologies, common understanding of base terms is absent and so on. There is obvious task of systematization of existing methodologies.

2. Basics of the SOA methodology—the Arcitura (former SOA School) approach
SOA School was appeared in 2004 as company making business in the theory and methodology of SOA. Leader of the company Thomas Erl is well-known guru of SOA. Arcitura publishes books on the SOA themes, organizes courses and seminars. Arcitura’s SOA methodology includes expanded theory with detailed explanation of the basic SOA principles, applied technologies, SOA design patterns and SOA governance.

3. Basics of the SOA methodology—The Open Group approach
The Open Group represents own methodological standard on the SOA. The standard has basic definitions and principles in the SOA, description of the SOA architectural layers, SOA services maturity model, ontology of SOA elements and the SOA governance.

4. Basics of the SOA methodology—the IBM approach
IBM has own evolution of the SOA theories. Historically first was SOMA, and only services notation is alive now from that methodology. Now “Smart SOA” methodology is actual in IBM. Smart SOA includes basic SOA definitions, SOA maturity model, basic design of the SOA solutions, SOA processes lifecycle. Smart SOA offers IBM tools for SOA implementation at enterprise.

5. The analysis of approach specifics
The Open Group, Arcitura and IBM approaches to the SOA methodology have some differences and specifics in the areas:

  • different range and depth of the material
  • terminology
  • relation to the adjacent methodologies and concepts (BPM, ESB, cloud technologies)
  • proposed technological solutions
  • different design patterns (IBM and Arcitura)

6. SOA—RedHat (JBoss) position
RedHat is based on the Arcitura methodology, but realization of products (JBoss ESB) has deviation from SOA basic principles

7. SOA—Oracle position
Oracle is based on the Arcitura methodology, and is trying to build own methodology

8. SOA—Progress Software position
Progress Software much has worked for ESB methodology (adjacent to the SOA) and tries to build own SOA methodology—maturity model of SOA services, etc.

9. SOA—Microsoft position
Microsoft is working with own SOA methodology

10. SOA 2.0
Uniting SOA methodology with event-driven architecture (EDA) concept we shall get concept of the SOA 2.0

11. SOA and cloud technologies
SOA ideas have continued in the cloud technologies

Yuriy Gik

Yuriy GikYuriy Gik

Head of the Application Integration group, Roseurobank

Yuriy graduated from Kaliningrad State University, Department of Physics in 1994. Since 2002 he is working in banks and IT companies whose business is software for banks. Lately Yuriy dedicated himself to architecture tasks, implementing of the service oriented architecture in banks in particular.


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