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Project in stress – take a deep breath

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For what purposes have been spent efforts of your team last week? Which aims have been achieved? What was wrong? How often development plan was broken? How many resources you need now to fix the gap?

Even well developed projects often fall in stress. There are two main causes. The first one – triggered risks. The second – professional weakness of project manager. Project in stress means that everything goes wrong with overtiming and exceeding the budget – WBS, development plan, personal plans, communications.

But there is the cure! We will discuss, how to eliminate and relieve stress in a project with minimum losses and even get benefit from situation. A few key tips from future presentation:

  • Inner and outer symptoms of stress. How to find out that your project in crisis?
  • What can a PM do to prevent stress? Why does not he supposed to do?
  • What kind of hidden resources have a team for stress mitigation?
  • Why we can’t live in stress permanently?
  • Who are your allies against stress and what value you can get from stress situation?

Konstantin Bychenkov

Konstantin BychenkovKonstantin Bychenkov

E-Health Program Manager, Open Code LLC

Expertise: Project Manager
About Me: PMP
Professional interests: Project management in software development, business analyst.

I’m keeping a blog about the management of IT-companies, one of the organizers of the Samara community of project managers

Working in “Open Code” LLC (Samara) on position E-Health Program Manager.

I was graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics faculty of Samara State University in 1997. While working as a programmer in different Samara firms I was involved in creating products for customers in the private and public sectors of the Russian economy and for customers in the United States. I gradually became the Project Manager—from developer to team leader and continue the project.

I repeatedly create successful teams, which get results on time and within budget. Last 3 years working in the E-Health and E-Gov. From scratch built the company a separate production line.

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