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New principle in education and training of technical writers and IT-analysts

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There is a constant controversy: who must develop documentation for the firm’s productions. Programmers are always busy, they do their own work, and most of them aren’t able to write any document in simple terms because such work is much different from their job and that has other standards. And also it is not a very good solution to delegate this task to other workers such as system administrators, engineers or technical directors. The answer is easy. A company developing software or produce technics must have a technical writer (department of technical writers for large companies). But how can you find this professional? What has he to be able to do? Where will he be able to raise his professional level?

As it is generally known, the best way of learning is learning from our own mistakes. But how can we begin to see them? Where can a newbie receive his/her first practice? How can an experienced technical communicator detect mistakes in his/her texts? In the report we will speak about a new unique method of training technical writers. This method gives answers to all these questions and also to the questions concerning how to make a technical writer from an individual.

Valery Ledovskoy

Valery LedovskoyValery Ledovskoy

Valery graduated from the North Caucasus State Technical University and have received a specialty of a mathematician engineer. He has an academic degree of physico-mathematical science candidate. He has worked as a technical writer and a head of Educational sector in Dr.Web, the Russian antivirus company, from 2005 to 2011.

Now he works in StavropolTISIZ PC as a principal engineer in Information and Technology department. In addition Valery is an independent expert of, analytical portal concentrated on information security.

In autumn 2011 jointly with Alexander Mikhaylov he established a ProText company that is concentrated on development of technical documentation for a customers. In 2012 the second direction was opened in ProText. This direction is technical writers training based on own training program Technical Documentation Development. The first group of students was trained in February 2012. In ProText he holds a post of a technical director and a trainer.



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