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Agile in fixed price projects

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Agile project management wins popularity, both at business, and at developers more and more. The successful experience, the theory bribing by the simplicity, the eloquent manifesto and the values confirmed by life. But, unfortunately, in real life at a Agile approach a large number of weak places comes to light. One of such places is Agile management on the fixed cost projects.

The problem which while to the majority of developers is stable and reproduced to solve isn’t possible, can be formulated approximately so: How to change Scope without changing it? And to whom to pray, that it “was lucky” with the Customer?

I want to consider more deeply an essence of this problem, to understand concept of Scope of what it consists why work with priorities often is impossible, and to share the experience of large successful project which managed by agile way (Scrum), with participation of the divisions much business, several groups of key stakeholders with multidirectional interests.

  • What preparatory work was made by the Customer
  • How we planned and monitor the progress
  • What “pattern” of delivery we used
  • What result we got

Tatyana Pichkhadze

Tatyana PichkhadzeTatyana Pichkhadze

Project Manager, EPAM Systems

In the year 1990 Tatyana has finished the Moscow Institute of Radio engineering of Electronics and Automatic equipment in Robotics systems and complexes specialization. More than 5 years was working as an IT director of the Russian representation of Lexmark (the leading manufacture of the printing equipment) in CIS countries. From 1998 to 2003 has worked in the European Export Division of Lexmark in France. Tatiana was responsible for technical support of 17 countries of Eastern Europe and Asia. In 2006 finished the MBA CIO program at School of IT management of ANH FKTB.

Since 2005 Tatyana works in the EPAM Systems as the Software development Project Manager. More than 5 years is engaged in practical application of Agile methodologies in different business domains, such as Travel, Procurement, Data meaning, Banks, Telecoms. Tatiana is running trainings and webinars about Agile, participates in projects as a coacher, enters into the Agile competence center of EPAM Systems from the Russian region.



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