SECR 2012 завершил работу. Получить информацию о текущей конференции можно на
SECR 2012 is over. You can learn about our current event at

Last chance to get the early bird discount for the Software Engineering Conference in Russia 2012!

August is the last month of the early bird registration discount for the conference. Register now and get up to 80% off, as all the discounts are summed:

  • Early bird registration (paid in August) – 20% off
  • Group participation (2 or more participants) – 10% off
  • Members of RUSSOFT association – 10% off
  • Students (including postgraduates) – 50% off
  • Courses and seminars (held before the conference) – up to 7,500 RUB off.

Besides, this year there is an opportunity to register for just one day of the conference.


About the conference

CEE-SECR – annual international conference which became one of the most important event of Russia software industry. The conference will take place in Moscow on 1-2 of November in Digital October Center.



  • Invited speakers: Dr. Richard Mark Soley, founder of Object Management Group; Arkady Dobkin, founder and a president of EPAM Systems; Alexander Galitsky, manager partner of Almaz Capital Partners foundation and many others.
  • Discussions and round tables: «Will the programmer profession survive?» (Moderator: Vyacheslav Nesterov, general director of Saint- Petersburg EMC development center) and others.
  • Courses and seminars (conducted before the conference on 31st of October)
    • Best Practices in Software Process and Product Measurement (Dr. Bill Curtis, first vise-president and leading scientist of Cast Software)
    • Scaling Agile for large and complex projects using the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) framework (Mark Lines, UPMentors).

Program details:

Early Bird

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