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Become a sponsor of CEE-SECR 2012

Dear Colleagues,
It is our pleasure to invite your company to become our sponsor for the 8th Central and Eastern European Software Engineering Conference in Russia (CEE-SECR 2012)

The conference is the region’s leading annual forum for the software development industry.

The CEE-SECR conference consistently attracts industry leaders from Russia and Europe, and is the largest conference devoted to cutting-edge software development technologies and methodologies. Over the course of the conference, an average of 700 participants are expected to take part in the 2-day event with fully one-third being executive and managing directors of major software development companies who shape the development of the IT industry in Russia and Europe.

This year’s keynote speakers will include the chief architects of the global software industry, international and regional experts, and the vice-presidents and directors of multinational high-tech firms.

CEE-SECR is an extremely influential forum and has enormous repercussions for the industry. The events taking place during the conference are made available online to an audience of more than 1 million developers and IT specialists worldwide, who will be able to follow the progress of the conference and familiarize themselves with its working papers.

Past partners have included Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Exigen Services, EMC2, INTSPEI, the Russian Venture Company, T-Systems, Exigen Services, EMC2, Parallels, INTSPEI, Siemens, Parasoft, Polarion, Luxoft, Embarcadero, VMware, Oracle, iCarnegie, First Line Software, Borland, Deutsche Bank TechSmith, SUN Microsystems and others.
CEE-SECR sponsors will have an invaluable opportunity to maximize the promotion of its expertise, and present case studies and testimonials. Most importantly, sponsors will enjoy a unique chance to network with a wide variety of professionals in the fields of scientific and functional software engineering.

Sponsor Packages CEE-SECR 2012

Benefits Gold sponsor Silver sponsor Sponsor
Price, RUB (excluding VAT) 480 000 270 000 150 000
Complimentary sponsor’s speech during the opening ceremony 2 minutes 1 minute  
* Company presentation on one of the conference topics (30–40 minutes) 1    
* Case study presentation for your company’s partner/ reseller 1 1    
Stand placement in the foyer    
Banner/flag placement in the foyer
Banner/flag placement in the main halls    
Logo placement on conference banners
Logo placement on participant badges    
Promotional materials included in conference bags
An interview with an executive from your company to be published at the conference website (Press-center section)  
Company ad on the conference website All pages Sponsor page Sponsor page
Complimentary conference registrations 4 3 1

* Pending approval of the presentation topic by the Program Committee

Extra options

(can be chosen as a separate sponsorship category)**

Name Description Price
Pens sponsor Your company logo will be placed on the event pens (to be distributed to each attendee) Sold
Notepads sponsor Your company logo will be placed on the event notepads (to be distributed to each attendee) 70 000
Lanyards sponsor Your company logo will be placed on the event lanyards 100 000
USB sponsor Your company logo will be printed on the USB flash drives with the conference materials (to be distributed to each attendee) Sold
Beer party sponsor Poster with the company name/logo placed at the beer-party area. Company representative welcome speech. Recognition in the conference agenda. 150 000
T-shirts sponsor Your company logo will be placed on the event T-shirts (to be distributed to each attendee) Price is negotiable
Bags sponsor Your company logo will be placed on the event bags (to be distributed to each attendee). Sponsor can provide his company’s promo-bags Sold

** Please contact Organizing committee for a combination of Sponsorship packages

Contact us now

Boris Kulakov, conference manager

Boris Kulakov, conference manager

+7 (812) 336 93 44
+7 (921) 782 84 70



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