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eCommerce Round Table



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After a presentation of the main figures and trends of the Russian e-commerce market, the discussion will focus on the technical side of online retail:

  1. CMS for eCommerce websites: Bitrix, Drupal, Magento or in-house solution?
  2. Customer acquisition and its technical implications (SEO, SEM, Context advertising, Affiliate programs, display and emailings…)
  3. Traffic conversion strategies: Front-end management, funnel of conversion and A/B testing.
  4. Repeat purchases: back-end strategies, loyalty programs, trigger marketing
  5. Analyse your performance. What solution are you using? Business intelligence and decisional analysis.
  6. Payment systems: how cutting edge companies invent and implement them

The discussion will be moderated by Adrien Henni, Chief editor of East-West Digital News and lead author of the first international research study on Russian online retail.

Moderator: Adrien Henni

Adrien HenniAdrien Henni

Сo-founder and Chief editor of East-West Digital News

Mr. Henni has 12 years of entrepreneurial and consulting experience in Internet and mobile businesses in France and Russia. In 2000 he founded People-to-People Technologies, a pioneer in online social networking, built in partnership with a Russian software developer. In 2009-2010, he was Senior investment manager at Direct Group / Fast Lane Ventures, a Moscow-based Western investment company. Then he served as Russia Country Manager at Fabernovel, a French-American innovation consultancy.

Henni is a distinguished graduate of the Paris Institute for Political Sciences. He currently lives in Moscow where he advises a variety of startups and IT-related organizations.



Maximilien Jacquet

Maximilien JacquetMaximilien Jacquet

Founder & CEO, eStore Agency

Maximilien, 35 years old, has been a business entrepreneur for 11 years, with some of his past creations including a communications agency, a software distribution company, a multimedia and events services provider, a web agency and an e-store selling cosmetic products.

Arriving in Russia in 2009, Maximilien worked as director of a web agency specialized in e-commerce then became a project builder for Direct Group, where he created an online wine store, a drift marketing project, a video consultation service, and two media websites dedicated to people and trends. He also managed the redesign of the WMJ and Passion websites (both leading women’s sites in Russia) and recruited more than 20 IT experts for various digital projects.

A graduate of the Universities of Paris VII and Orsay, Maximilien has a postgraduate degree in fundamental physics and a specialized master’s in entrepreneurship from ESCP Europe.


Olesya Chedleeva

Olesya ChedleevaOlesya Chedleeva

Business-consultant of Avangate B.V. in CIS region

Has more than 8 years’ experience in ecommerce area. Worked as Moscow-based Head of Partnership Development at Mobile TeleSystems, Digital Marketing Manager at Sony Music, Web-Marketing Manager at Epson as well as launched independent content projects.

At the present moment is responsible for CIS software companies assistance in global sales, promotion and business development.


Alexey Sidorenko

Alexey SidorenkoAlexey Sidorenko

Director of Development, 1C-Bitrix

Alexey was born on December 24, 1971. Shortly after the graduation from the Physics Department of Moscow State University in 1996, he founded the Machaon Group, which was one of the first web-development companies in Russia.

Since 2007 Alexey is Director of Development in 1C-Bitrix which is the leading content management systems and enterprise portals developer in Russia.

Alexey often represents the company at the IT industry events and regularly speaks at conferences and seminars.



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    Интересно, относятся ли к теме такие аспекты, как требования к защите персональных данных, последствия принятия закона “О национальной платежной системе” и т. п.

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