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Roman Kaplun and Denis Rogov

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Roman Kaplun

Roman KaplunRoman Kaplun

Director, Global Sourcing, Hotwire Inc.

Roman Kaplun earned his Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from California Maritime Academy.  After graduating in 1996, got involved into High Tech Industry in Silicon Valley, CA.  Has worked for a number of companies advancing Ecommerce solutions, building sustainable processes, and helping to advance technologies.

Since 2006, has been managing offshore software development for Hotwire, Inc.  Was initially responsible for building an offshore team, and integrating offshore development practices into Hotwire’s SDLC.  In recent year, played a key role helping Hotwire transition from a traditional Waterfall development process to Agile.


Denis Rogov

Denis RogovDenis Rogov

Director, Travel Practice, Luxoft

After earning his Master’s Degree in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Denis went a typical career path from software engineer to project manager.

Leading Hotwire Offshore Development Center in Luxoft from 2007, Denis was responsible for setting up a bridge between Californian and offshore teams, setting up and improving classical development processes. Since 2011, in a role of Travel Practice Director, was a key player in transformation from ultra-conservative SDLC to Agile in Hotwire and other accounts he was responsible for at that time.


Presentation: Joint transition to Agile development of the customer and outsourcing partner

The presentation will tell a successful, though still not completed story of a mid-size Silicon Valley company transition from radically traditional SDLC – Waterfall to Agile.

  • What prompted Hotwire to undergo a painful, company-wide transition to Agile while Waterfall SDLC was working perfectly fine?
  • What helped the transition to go from a theoretical idea to a factual implementation?
  • What role did the offshore partner play in this transition?
  • In Hotwire’s case, how does successful Waterfall process from the past compares to the successful Agile model of today?
  • Changes in the Org Structure due to Agile transition
  • How other teams (Customer Care, HR, etc.) adopt to agility in the company

Roman and Denis will cover these and other topics in their presentation.


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