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Dmitry Soshnikov

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Dmitry SoshnikovDmitry Soshnikov

Academic Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Russia

Dmitry Soshnikov is an Academic Developer Evangelist at Microsoft Russia, whose main objective is to unleash the beauty and simplicity of using Microsoft technologies and .NET platform for both university studies and for the real world projects. In addition to his work at Microsoft, Dmitry is also an Associate Professor at Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Higher School of Economics. He has a PhD on Distributed Intelligent Systems, and has more than 60 publications in the area, among which a popular book “Funictional Programming using F#” (the first book on F# language from the Russian author), textbook “Logic Programming Paradigm”. He is a member of Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence, and a member of Program Committee of a number of scientific conferences, such as CSIT, DEXA, etc.

Presentation: F# – Functional Approach to Painless Data Processing

Since Visual Studio 2010, F#—mainly functional, but also object-oriented and imperative language—is available in the standard set of .NET languages. In the last years, the role of F# in the .NET languages ecosystem has been important in data processing and manipulation, mainly on the server side and in cloud applications, but also on the client. In particular, F# is used a lot in financial sector, for machine learning tasks and in corporate systems.

The talk gives overview of data processing features and powers of F#, starting from simple lazy sequences and files (made beautiful with some visualization techniques), coming to the new features made available in F# 3.0: type providers and LINQ queries. Demonstrations show how F# can easily work with databases, Azure Data Market, OData providers, twitter stream, etc. Finally, we mention a few real-life case studies of using F# that resulted in the huge productivity boost in real applications.

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