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Will the programmer profession survive?



At the Round table we will discuss evolution of the programmer profession over the past few decades. We will try to have look to the future, and see what changes are waiting for us in the next 10-20 years. Professionals from different areas are expected to gather at the Round table. The different point of views will help us to come closer to the truth. We will invite programmers, advanced software users, entrepreneurs, representatives of science and education. The discussion will be focused on impact which the technology engineering progress has on the marrowbone of programming and the process of separation of the profession into several fundamentally different specializations.

Moderator: Vyacheslav Nesterov

Vyacheslav NesterovVyacheslav Nesterov

General Manager, St.Petersburg Development Center, EMC

The Center works on Software development for the products designed and produces by EMC corporation. The main area of development is high performance systems for information storage and management. Vyacheslav joined St.Petersburg EMC center in 2008, before that he worked for Motorola software development center in St.Petersburg for about 10 years. He led development of software solutions for digital TV equipment and other products of Motorola company.

Vyacheslav Nesterov is an expert in Software development process, different methodologies and techniques in SW development.

Before coming to software industry Vyacheslav did research in Computer science and Computational mathematics, worked for institutes of Academy of Sciences, taught in universities. He has D.Sc. degree in mathematics, he is an author of more than 50 papers. Vyacheslav was graduated from St.Petersburg State University, faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics.

Co-moderator: Nikolai Puntikov, PhD

Nikolai PuntikovNikolai Puntikov

President, First Line Software

Dr. Puntikov is the President of First Line Software, a global company offering broad range of software development and technology enablement services and solutions. Nikolai is a serial entrepreneur and business executive with a proven track record in building successful global organizations. He is also a committed advocate for the development of the Russian innovative ecosystem. In 2010, Nikolai co-founded the Russian Chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the growth and success of high-tech entrepreneurial ventures. Currently, he is the Chairman of CEE-SECR, the largest software engineering conference in Russia and Editor-in-chief of analytical portal Software Russia. Dr. Puntikov holds his M.S. degree from the St. Petersburg State University and a Doctorate degree from the Institute of Informatics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Grigory Labzovsky

Grigory LabzovskyGrigory Labzovsky

Director, Oracle Saint-Petersburg Center of High Technology

Grigory heads the center for software development that currently employs more than 350 software engineers working on different software projects. Main development directions in the include: the Java platform technologies, Oracle C & C++ compilers, virtualization and SOA-technologies. It is under Grigory’s leadership that the Center of High Technology has successfully opened The Center of software technology competence; the largest software developer conference Sun Tech Days has been held for several times (with more than 3000 participants). Grigory has initiated an extensive cooperation with Russian academic community, including the St. Petersburg State University – the project that allows the University to be actively involved in the international Large Hadron Collider project.
In 2005–2007, Grigory managed several development projects, was responsible for the software development center operations and drove a set of strategic programs in the region.

Prior to his work at Sun Microsystems, Grigory was an engineering manager in the Russian company Elbrus (2002–2004). Before that he held a position of a research fellow at the Mathematical Institute for Scientific research. Grigory graduated from the Department of Physics of the St. Petersburg State University.

Andrey Terekhov

Andrey TerekhovAndrey Terekhov

CEO, Lanit-Tercom

1971 – graduated from the Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of Leningrad State University. Received a diploma with honour in the field of Computer Science.

1978 – Ph.D. from Leningrad State University. Thesis: “Synthesis of efficient programs”.

1991 – Professorship, habilitation thesis: “Software technology for real-time embedded systems”. In the same year 1991 founded and became director of State Enterprise “Tercom”.

In year 1996 founded and headed Software Engineering Chair of St. Petersburg State University.

In year 1998 founded and became CEO of the “Lanit-Tercom Inc”.

In 2008 “Lanit-Tercom Inc” and Moscow software company “Artezio” merged into AT Software. Andrey Terekhov heads Board of Directors and supervises R&D department of the new company.

In 1999 Andrey N. Terekhov was one of founders of software developers association of St.-Petersburg — Fort-Ross. When in 2004 on the base of Fort-Ross the All-Russia association of software developers – RUSSOFT has been created, Andrey Terekhov has been selected as its first Chairman of board of directors.

Professor Andrey Terekhov has more than 70 scientific publications (including 4 books). He is a member of ACM and IEEE.

In 2012 became the Chairman of CEE-SECR 2012 Program Committee.

Dmitry Chikhachev

Dmitry ChikhachevDmitry Chikhachev

Managing partner and co-founder, Runa Capital

Dmitry is a managing partner and co-founder at Runa Capital Venture Fund, where he focuses on organizing fund’s performance, closing deals and managing portfolio companies. Dmitry has over 18 years track record as business executive with broad cross-functional experience.

Dmitry leaded successful startup company Uvenco Holding as CEO/COO. As Business Development Director at Ritzio Group Dmitry headed international business development processes and managed investment projects in Latvia, Rumania, Germany, South Africa, etc. Before that Dmitry managed HR division at Ericsson CIS.

Graduated MBA in American Institute of Business and Economics and Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology.

Stas Fomin

Stas FominStas Fomin

Stas Fomin is the deputy director on an information technologies at «CustIS» company. He has worked for this company since 1999. He has executed tens successful projects on software development and introduction of information systems. Last years Stas investigates perspective systems, architecture, frameworks and standards, introducing effective tools and software development methodologies in the company.


Pavel Khodalev

Pavel KhodalevPavel Khodalev

Pavel Khodalev joined Deutsche Bank in 2010. Pavel is the Head Execution department in Deutsche Bank Russia. Execution is responsible for cash equities trading technology that provides clients and internal traders with quick access to liquidity in equities markets globally. In addition to that Pavel manages Risk and P&L department, which provides solutions to help traders manage their risks while executing a trade.

Pavel started his software development career at Intel Corporation in 2002. After 5 years at Intel Pavel moved to software outsourcing company Exigen Services to work in role of Delivery Director. At Exigen he developed department from ground zero to eighty people of staff and managed two regional branches.



  • Nikita says:

    Я не понимаю, кому в голову может придти идея обсуждать эту замыленную тему в 2012 году. Use case средства провалились. Составление ПО из готовых компонентов без участия программистов не оправдало себя. Декларативные языки программирования не произвели революции. Искуственный интеллект еще долго не сможет повлиять на тему. Тенденций к заметному упрощению фреймворков, библиотек или средств разработки не наблюдается. Программисты писали логику 20 лет назад, программисты пишут ее и сейчас. Но тем не менее эти бессмысленные разговоры идут до сих пор. Может быть просто почитать Брукса и успокоиться?

  • Если посмотреть внимательно описание, то можно заметить, что название было выбрано, скорее, с целью привлечь внимание и спровоцировать дискуссию. Что, собственно, и произошло :)

  • ahp says:

    В теме Круглого стола упомянута не деятельность по программированию а “профессия программиста”. “Программист” согласно квалификационным справочникам – это техник (“кодировщик”). Но даже если его назвать “software engineer”, все равно перспектива “профессии” совсем не очевидна. (“Зрелая профессия” – грубо говоря, то, чему известно, как учить, и к чему не допускают не-профессионалов, пример – медицина.)

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