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Best Practices in Software Process and Product Measurement

Dr. Bill CurtisDr. Bill Curtis

Instructor: Dr. Bill Curtis
Senior VP & Chief Scientist, CAST Software; Director, Consortium for IT Software Quality

October 31, 2012
10:00 – 18:00

In English with simultaneous translation to Russian

RUB 17 500 for the conference participants
RUB 25 000 for everyone else


Course Overview

This course will cover advances in software measurement over the last decade in four areas—the types of measures available, the use of these measures on projects using difference development methods, the measurement of improvement programs, and the measurement of software products. The material will make liberal use of examples from case studies of successful measurement as well as the instructor’s own experiences in setting up corporate software measurement programs, process improvement programs, and product measurement systems. Attendees will learn:

  • Benefits and drawbacks of different measures
  • Best measures for different development methods
  • Best practices for estimating and tracking
  • How measurement changes by organizational maturity level
  • Best practices for measuring lean, high maturity, and improvement progress
  • Advances in software product quality measurement
  • Best practices for measuring business benefit and return on investment


IT or software executives. Software project, Scrum, or application managers. Quality assurance executives, managers, and professionals. Process improvement or software measurement professionals. CTOs or senior architects. Academics and researchers in the area of software measurement. Anyone interested in learning more about the measurement of both software processes and products.

Course Program

I. Advances in Software Measurement (1.5 hours)

a. Practical Software Measurement
b. Options for size measurement
c. Challenges in measuring effort
d. Advances in quality measurement
e. Challenges for measuring software value
f. The process of software measurement

II. Measuring Software Projects and Iterations (1.5 hours)

a. Best practices in estimating
b. Best practices in traditional tracking
c. Agile and iterative measurement
d. Team Software Process measurement
e. Benchmarking promises and perils

III. Measuring Software Improvement Programs (1.5 hours)

a. Measurement capability by maturity level
b. Measuring for improvements guided by lean principles
c. A new approach to high maturity quantitative management
d. Best measures of improvement progress
e. Measuring the return on improvement investments

IV. Measuring Product Quality (1.5 hours)

a. Measurement of functional vs. non-functional defects
b. The critical roles of structural and behavioral quality
c. Advances in measuring structural and behavioral quality
d. Best practices for measuring quality progress and benefits
e. Using quality measures in software contracts

About Intructor

Dr. Bill Curtis is Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist with Cast Software, a leader in providing technology for measuring and evaluating the structural quality of application software. He Is also the Director of the Consortium for IT Software Quality. He co-authored the Capability Maturity Model (CMM), the People CMM, and the Business Process MM.

Until its acquisition by Borland he was Co-founder and Chief Scientist of TeraQuest, the global leader in providing CMM-based services which was acquired by Borland. He is a former Director of the Software Process Program in the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to joining the SEI, Dr. Curtis worked for MCC, ITT’s Programming Technology Center, GE Space Division, and taught statistics at the University of Washington.

He has published four books, over 150 articles, and was recently elected a Fellow of the IEEE for his contributions to software process improvement and measurement.

Course fees

Course fee waved for the main conference participants *:

17 500 RUB

*Сhoose the option: “Best Practices in Software Process and Product Measurement Workshop + Both days of the conference package deal”.

Course fee without main conference participation:

25 000 RUB


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